How to Find a Connecticut Wedding Venue

The most wonderful day of your life is quickly approaching. Naturally, you’re flush with the excitement from the engagement and ready to dive into wedding planning. Before you get into the nitty-gritty details, however, you’ll need to make the most important decision of all: where to throw your ceremony and reception.

Your wedding venue is hugely influential. It will ultimately determine the direction of your big day—it has a huge influence on who you can invite, how you plan your theme, how much you spend, and ultimately, how you and the love of your life navigate the planning process. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, but the ideal venue isn’t as difficult to find as you might think. Read on for some helpful hints for making this all-important wedding decision:

Identify Your Personal Vision of Wedding Perfection

When you close your eyes and picture the perfect New England wedding ceremony, what do you see? Do you imagine sunshine and flowers during an intimate outdoor ceremony? Do you picture yourself entering a grand ballroom before taking the dance floor with that special someone? Or does your personal image of perfection involve the breathtaking beauty of the beach?

Take some time to jot down a few adjectives describing how your ideal Connecticut wedding venue looks—and how it makes you feel. Keep this vision central as you embark on your search for a place that checks off all the boxes. The best wedding venues in CT will grant you an immediate sense of joy and possibility. Don’t settle for anything less.

Get a Sense for the Size of Your Wedding

Some venues, no matter how gorgeous, will prove too small or too vast for your big day. You don’t need to perfect your guest list just yet, but you’ll want to determine a ballpark number to help you narrow down your growing list of Connecticut wedding venues. If you have no idea, consider a flexible event space that features multiple venues and can be scaled up or down as needed.

Consider the Ceremony Versus the Reception

Many couples choose separate ceremony and reception locations—and many ultimately regret this approach. While separate venues can prove beneficial in select situations, transportation is nearly always a hassle.

Consider whether your prospective venues offer separate spaces that will meet your various requirements for the ceremony and reception. For example, wedding venues in CT on the water may allow you to say ‘I do’ directly on the beach before moving indoors for the ceremony.

Beautiful surroundings are important for both events, but ultimately, you’ll want a solution that minimizes headaches for you and your guests. The fewer moving parts you’re forced to manage, the better.

Determine What’s Included

Each wedding venue covers different aspects of your big day. Some, for example, require you to find your own caterer and bakery, while others will cover the full menu, bar, cake, and toast. These specifics could influence both your budget and the extent to which you need to plan various aspects of the wedding. So do your homework early to determine which wedding venues will cover specific elements. These details will ultimately prove useful as you attempt to choose between your favorite options.

Don’t settle for less than exceptional as you select the New England wedding venue of your dreams. You can’t go wrong with Anthony’s Ocean View—the only beach wedding destination in Connecticut. Call (203) 884-8894 at your earliest convenience to learn how we can bring your unique vision of the perfect New England wedding to life.


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